This Year's Totally Turning Winners

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Rich Pagano Award

1st Place Turning 1

2nd Place Turning 1

3rd Place Turning 1

Honorable Mention Turning 1

Baxter Smith

Gary Mayhew

Reid Gilmore

Bill Thiery

John Franklin


1st Place Turning 2

2nd Place Turning 2

3rd Place Turning 2

Honorable Mention Turning 2

Rick Angus

Stan Blanchard

Stan Blanchard

Henry Zipperten


1st Place Turning 3

2nd Place Turning 3

3rd Place Turning 3

Honorable Mention Turning 3

Baxter Smith

Carol Hall

Al Czellecz

Alan Adler


Michael Kehs


1st Place Turning 4

2nd Place Turning 4

3rd Place Turning 4

Honorable Mention Turning 4

Karen Aune

Russell Karkheck

Tom Hutchinson

Russell Karkheck


1st Place Turning 5

2nd Place Turning 5

3rd Place Turning 5

3rd Place Turning 5

Honorable Mention Turning 5

Bill Thiery

Alan Adler

John Franklin

Lauren Zenreich

Les Hoffman


Alan Zenreich


1st Place Novice

2nd Place Novice

Jamie Dreyer

Derek Contryman



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Photos by Chris Stolichy

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