This Year's Showcase Winners Coming

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1st Place Accessories 1

1st Place Accessories 1

2nd Place Accessories 1

3rd Place Accessories 1

Honorable Mention Accessories 1

John Olenik

Dennis Palumbo

Todd Colomb

Charlie James

Richard Duval


"No photo available"

1st Place Accessories 2

2nd Place Accessories 2

3rd Place Accessories 2

Honorable Mention Accessories 2

Stanley Blanchard

Alfonzo DiBlasio

Richard Lill

Troy Fink


1st Place Adirondack Furniture

2nd Place Adirondack Furniture

Adirondack Furniture Professional Excellence

Kyle Hall

Bill Dornan

Tom Benware


1st Place Alternate Materials

2nd Place Alternate Materials

3rd Place Alternate Materials

Honorable Mention Alternate Materials

Brad Conklin

Kip Lockhart

Barbara Raymond-LaPrease

James Lee


"No image available"

1st Place Musical Instruments 1

2nd Place Musical Instruments 1

3rd Place Musical Instruments 1

Musical Instruments 1 Honorable Mention

John Michanec

John Weber

Edmund Wood Jr.

Raymond Puffer


"No image available

1st Place Musical Instruments 2

2nd Place Musical Instruments 2

Jon Hedman

Michael Bretti


1st Place Intarsia

2nd Place Intarsia

3rd Place Intarsia

Intarsia Honorable Mention

Richard D'Ambrosio

Charlie Rougle

Bob Boisvert

James Nicholson



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Photos by Alice Nash

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