This Year's Showcase Winners Coming

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Peoples Choice

Best in Show

Rich Pagano Turning Award

Carvers Choice

Brad Conklin

John Mulligan

Reid Gilmore

Tammy Davis


1st Place Furniture 1

2nd Place Furniture 1

Furniture 1 Professional Excellence

Gerry McDonald

James Lee

Thomas Wetzel


1st Place Furniture 2

2nd Place Furniture 2

3rd Place Furniture 2

Furniture 2 Honorable Mention

Bill MacTiernan

Don Poleto

Shawn Emery

Charlie James


1st Place Furniture 3

2nd Place Furniture 3

3rd Place Furniture 3

Furniture 3 Honorable Mention

Jerry Verner

Al Shinker

Terry Dote

David Gillerin


1st Place Scroll Sawing

2nd Place Scroll Sawing

3rd Place Scroll Sawing

Honorable Mention Scroll Sawing

Barbara Nottke

Jack Maasz

Keith Harris

Joseph Fisk


1st Place Toys & Playthings

2nd Place Toys & Playthings

3rd Place Toys & Playthings

Honorable Mention Toys & Playthings

Ann Marie Miller

Perry & Stefania Bonanni

Steve Schoenberg

John Michanec



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Photos by Alice Nash

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